LEARN HOW TO play poker 

As a professional poker player, I can help you improve your game. 

Winning at Poker tables is a question of skill and experience. You can chose to developp your own experience by yourself, and be the monkey of the table until you eventually finally learn how to win. This is going to be a long, painful and very expensive experience. Unfortunately, this way sometimes leads the weaker people to big troubles.

You can also choose the cleverest way to learn how to play Poker : get a coach !
Getting a coach sounds like an evidence when it comes to learn how to drive or when you want to learn a foreign language, but some people hesitate before being taught how to play a winning poker.
But believe me, playing a winning poker is far more difficult than driving a Ferrari with a board computer in chinese.
So my advice : get a poker coach right now! this is the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to learn how to win money playing poker. This is also the quickest way to help you get pleasure and have fun at poker tables.

Ask for a coaching session or purchase the leaks analysis pack

If you want to improve you poker game, 2 options are available : either the coaching session or the Leaks Analysis Pack.

The coaching sessions are detailed here. I only coach players playing NL200$/€ and above (6max or HU).

The Leaks Analysis Pack is available for any player (from small stakes to nosebleed), and it is detailed here.

In order to get the best of it, both options can be cumulated : the Leaks Analysis Pack to get a complete written report on your leaks + additional coaching sessions to study together in depth how you can fix these leaks (specific workshops on each specific leak).


Poker training videos

Latest online poker softwares reviews

Many students ask me about the best online poker softwares available on the market.

So I decided to record a few tutorial videos about the main online poker softwares.

Here are the best "non cheat" poker softwares I want to introduce to you ("non cheat" means it is legal to use them) : Holdem Manager, NoteCaddy, NoteCaddy Edge, Leak Buster, Teble Ninja, Tilt Breaker, Table Scanner, Equilab, and many other ones...

This video series starts with a presentation of Holdem Manager, one of the best poker trackers.

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